AML, Regulatory and Accounting/Auditing, P.S.C.
Regulatory Compliance Services
Examples of services that M&J normally provide to our clients include: 

  • Compare corporate, AML, Fair Lending, and other compliance programs and processes to regulatory requirements and expectations and industry practices in order offer recommendations and training for improvement.
  • Design enterprise-wide compliance risk management frameworks and develop written compliance program or policies documents consistent with management objectives and regulatory requirements.
  • Develop compliance risk management processes using a confirmed, integrated approach to regulatory compliance program management with a focus on creating effective, low-cost, and sustainable compliance programs and processes.
  •  Analyze existing compliance activities across multiple entities and businesses to create sustainable and low-cost programs.  
  • Recommend on the design and implementation of compliance program elements/processes: 
    • Regulatory inventories and change management processes
    • Compliance risk assessment processes
    • Compliance policies and procedures
    • Compliance training programs and processes
    • Compliance and AML monitoring and testing programs
    • Statistically-based fair lending monitoring systems
    • Automated customer due diligence processes
    • Board and executive management reporting processes
    • Seeks technology solutions to enhance the integration and effectiveness, and reduce the costs, of compliance program processes
  • Operationalize compliance through integration into core business processes.
  • Conduct Bank and Bank Holding Company regulatory readiness compliance reviews to assist institutions in their preparation for regulatory examinations/inspections by identifying potential regulatory gaps and providing specific actionable recommendations to address these gaps.
  • Evaluate design and operating effectiveness of compliance risk and control processes including those relating to Privacy, AML, Fair Lending, CRA, HMDA, Affiliate Transactions, Regulation O, Regulation Y, Regulation K, Consumer Credit and Deposit requirements, and other applicable compliance requirements.
  • Assist with the design and execution of AML, corporate compliance program, and other compliance-related internal audits.
  • Perform compliance due diligence reviews to assist institutions with the identification and dimensioning of compliance risks associated with mergers or acquisitions.
  • Assist with remediating compliance program and performance issues arising from examinations/inspections, including developing remedial action plans and performing historical transaction testing.
  • Perform transaction testing to determine an institution's adherence with applicable safety and soundness and consumer protection laws, regulations, and supervisory guidance. 

M&J Examiners
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